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In the tangle of natural herbal products today promising safe methods and effective results, how do you avoid getting ripped off? Knowing more about the product through trial experiments is one way to learn whether the product is for you or not. The following product test has been carried out for VirilityEx, a natural herbal supplement that replenishes the body’s store of essential amino acids, which in turn are important in male enhancement.

virility ex pills

Forty male volunteers have been signed up for a three-month program to test whether VirilityEx is effective in penis enlargement. They were each given a five-month supply of the product, to be taken once daily. All participants were asked to carefully document any changes they may perceive while taking the supplement, as well as changes in their diets or lifestyles so product consultants can better assess effectiveness. The product test participants were also advised to religiously follow the size-altering exercise program that will bring out the best results if consistently adhered to. They were also reminded to keep notes of the “before” and “after” over a four-week period.

The volunteers range in age between 21 to 50, and vary widely in their level of physical activity. Some are highly athletic, while the rest are between sedentary and mildly active. All, however, report varying degrees of flaccidity at one point or another.

After four weeks, the participants have been asked to share their experiences with using VirilityEx. Of the 40, 70% or 28 participants excitedly report that they have been noticing an improved feeling of rigidity, leading to increased confidence in their sex lives and more satisfied sexual partners. The rest have fallen behind because they either missed out on taking the supplement daily, or did not faithfully adhere to the penis-enlargement exercise. There were a couple of test subjects who were a bit intolerant with the product. After carefully reviewing their diets, they have been advised to stick to healthier meals.

Another four weeks later, the 32 males, or 80% of the participants, have reported better and harder erection. Sixty percent of them have reported noticeable increase in penis girth and length. The rest have reported slight improvements. None of them however, had reported any more occasions of flaccidity.

Six participants who once reported that the supplement was not working, now noticed gradual improvements in achieving harder erection, and a measurable increase in penis girth and length. The two who were initially intolerant of the product are now reporting lesser flaccidity and being able to stiffen up on occasion. But they no longer report inconvenient reaction to the product.

The test subjects were continually monitored every two-week periods thereafter. At the end of the pilot test program, the researchers have concluded the following:

Ninety percent of the 40 participants have visibly increased their penis girths and lengths. There was a before and after record to show the difference;

The supplement is best effective when the penis-enlargement exercise program is strictly adhered to;

All participants have reported they no longer experience flaccidity;

All have adapted well to the herbal supplements and have not shown any adverse reactions;

VirilityEx is more effective when healthy lifestyle changes are introduced into the participants’ daily regimen, like a higher level of activity and adequate amount of protein in their diets.

All in all, the product test concluded that VirilityEx is an effective, safe and healthy way to get the size and stiffness you want without invasive and expensive procedures. The test participants were advised, in their final assessment, to follow the daily intake of VirilityEx and regular penis-enlargement exercise, and couple it with a moderately active lifestyle and healthier food choices.

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