Phallosan forte review

In my review of the Phallosan Forte, we shall discuss-

What it is, How it works and why it works
Who this device might be good for
Why I am recommending this device (what to expect)
My results and veteran perspective (Full Phallosan Review Video)
How it looks, how to put it on (NSFW video)
Comparisons to high-end penis extenders such as Sizegenetics
Special Lowest-Price link that gets you 4 Free Condom sleeves *NEW GLL Special Link*
Additional tips and advice and Phallosan FAQ

Starting in July 2013, I decided to give the new Phallosan Forte review a try since there has been a decent amount of buzz around the device.

I wanted a device that fulfilled 2 main criteria-

I could recommend it to guys that are 6″ (or less) – since our extender is most comfortable for guys that are slightly longer than average.
You can wear it while you sleep.

This device does both.

It’s a solid device and is a good solution for guys that want LENGTH but don’t have the time/willpower to do 4-6 hours of manual stretching a week or just don’t like the idea/hassle of wearing an extender in public.

You comfortably and SAFELY wear the Phallosan while you sleep and for that reason – this device will be a homerun for a lot of guys.

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