Phallosan forte review

In my review of the Phallosan Forte, we shall discuss-

What it is, How it works and why it works
Who this device might be good for
Why I am recommending this device (what to expect)
My results and veteran perspective (Full Phallosan Review Video)
How it looks, how to put it on (NSFW video)
Comparisons to high-end penis extenders such as Sizegenetics
Special Lowest-Price link that gets you 4 Free Condom sleeves *NEW GLL Special Link*
Additional tips and advice and Phallosan FAQ

Starting in July 2013, I decided to give the new Phallosan Forte review a try since there has been a decent amount of buzz around the device.

I wanted a device that fulfilled 2 main criteria-

I could recommend it to guys that are 6″ (or less) – since our extender is most comfortable for guys that are slightly longer than average.
You can wear it while you sleep.

This device does both.

It’s a solid device and is a good solution for guys that want LENGTH but don’t have the time/willpower to do 4-6 hours of manual stretching a week or just don’t like the idea/hassle of wearing an extender in public.

You comfortably and SAFELY wear the Phallosan while you sleep and for that reason – this device will be a homerun for a lot of guys.

Pro Extender System

The ProExtender results System is another JES Extender offshoot and it is essentially the JES Extender repackaged with a different name and the inclusion of curious side aids to penis enlargement. The Pro Extender is packaged, in its standard kit, with supplemental pills intended for use in a “4-pronged approach” that also includes required exercises. The Pro Extender System advertises and boasts great results, and the product definitely works, though this reviewer was skeptical that the “system” involving pills or exercises made much of a difference. Compared to other penis extenders, for example, the speed and overall growth was the same despite Pro Extender System’s claims of “breakthroughs”.